How to maintain and clean your new rubber floor

Daily cleaning
Clean the floors the way you would any other floor in the house.
Sweep, vacuum and wash with mild soap water.
Be careful not to splash out too much water, if the floor is not sealed. Use a mop and bucket.

Outdoor areas can be cleaned with a broom and water hose. Normally the rain does the job.

Rubber floors are very popular because they are super durable, and because they are easy to clean and maintain. As long as you clean them on a regular basis, you should not need to do anything else but enjoy them.

They do however like to be washed with warm water with a cup of white vinegar in it every now and then.
This also give them back the "new floor" shine, if they have become a bit dusty looking

Do not use solvents like acetone, gasoline or ethanol on the floor. This will dissolve them and leave a scar on the surface.

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